The Power of Colour – Issue One: An Introduction (There is more to colour than meets the eye).

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So, you have your shiny new floor but the rest of your room now needs to catch up or maybe you are trying to plan your room in preparation for your flooring – recommended; you wouldn’t want to get paint all over your new Engineered Oak Flooring now would you? But how can you possibly choose from all the colours? It might seem like the obvious choice to pick your favourite, or a neutral colour, but first really look into what room you are decorating and how that colour would work. It’s easy to go neutral but if you are trying to make your house, your home, you have a real chance of achieving this through a bit of colour, so try not to be afraid of them.

There is a lot to be said about colours and how they affect our overall mood, it’s true! Some colours invoke energy and awareness, such as yellow – side note; yellow can also cause anger and frustration but I will be covering Yellow in more detail at a later date ­– while others are known for being soothing and restful, like some greens and purples. Yellow might be your favourite colour but would you want it in your bedroom?

It’s worth considering how you want to use each room. Is it your creative space, a space for focus or for calm? Maybe you want to entertain guest on a regular basis or paint your little girls room, you can really use colour to your advantage! While neutral colours might be safe and inoffensive, a more bold choice used in the right way can actually impact your life daily in a positive way.

Each issue of this blog series will cover a colour group in detail. You can’t just say green is calming, orange is energising, pink is compassionate and so on, as certain types of greens, orange and pinks are quite the opposite (as goes for other colours). Along side this I will include how to detail your room. Deep purples with silver detailing can be seen as royal and sophisticated – perhaps this is good for a room used for entertaining?

Ultimately you will instinctively know how a colour makes you feel and how it affects your mood but it’s my goal to give you a little more guidance to ensure you will get the most out of your home.


Next issue: The Purple Family!

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