Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Little More Festive.

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Christmas is fast approaching and while the kids are jumping for joy, the grown-ups know all the real work (and money) that goes into making this holiday extra special. While some of you might groan at the prospect of decorating the house and getting in the Christmas spirit, there are some simple and fun ways to add a little magic into your home to help get you in the mood.

Fairy lights! – You can never go wrong with fairy lights. They instantly add some magic to any space, indoors or outdoors. If you get the right ones you can use them all year round so it doesn’t have to feel like a waste of money for just one day. Here are some alternative ways to use them.

Light Box.Stair Lights.Tree Lights.

Candles. – Like Fairy Lights, it’s easy to add some festive feeling to your home with candles. With a little creativity and a few inexpensive things that you might even find about your house, candles are a perfect way to add some character.

Cake Stand Candle Holder. Wine Glass Candles. Jar candles.


‘Foliage’. – As you can see in the above pictures, ‘foliage’ can contribute the the festivities. I’m using the term ‘foliage’ in quite a broad way here, basically anything nature might donate to us! If, however, you don’t fancy rummaging in the back garden or local forest, or if you live in London like me where nature is a little scarce, you can find these bits in stores as well.

Lights and greenery. Staircase foliage. Twigs and Branches.

So there you have it, some very simple ways to get in the festive mood. There really isn’t an excuse now!


Merry Christmas!




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