The Power of Colour – Issue Two: The Purple Family

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For me, Purple is one of the most versatile colours and can have positive effects in most, if not all, aspects of the home; this is due to the combination of cool (blue) and warm (red). It is also one of my favourite colours, I tell you this to not only be honest with you but to highlight the fact that a colours affect can differ from person to person. While it’s a favourite of mine, it might be attached to some painful and upsetting memories for someone else. So please take a look at your own preference in addition to these articles.

There are many qualities associated with purple; royalty, creativity, artistry, wealth, mystery and spirit – This is why it is so versatile. BUT before you start slathering that paint on those walls it is worth looking at the different types of purple;


Some might argue that Red Purple would be great for decorating the bedroom, cue newlyweds, however if this is the place where you would like to wind down and relax perhaps Lavender or Amethyst might suit your purposes better. Feng Shui advises against using purple in the bedroom, however using the right purple in the right way can be advantageous.

When looking at Deep Purple, which promotes a Royal and Positive atmosphere, you might want to consider the room you will use most for entertaining. Dining room, kitchen or living room mixed with silver and white detailing is often associated with sophistication and class. I might also suggest some of Stone and Wood’s own Elegant Matt Black Tiles especially if you are redecorating your kitchen.

Fun Fact: When purple was discovered, in 4th Century BC, it was so expensive that only royalty could afford it. As ancient rulers were often thought of as Gods we now associate this deep intense purple with spirituality and royalty.

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Read more on the History of Purple, curtesy of The Guardian, by clicking the photo.

Amethyst, Mauve and Lilac are good bathroom colours as they encourage peaceful, relaxing thoughts. However, Perhaps Blue Purple is the best one for this room as when we take a look at Blue more closely you will learn that blues induce calming and peaceful thoughts and obviously we associate Blue with water. On the other hand some people might feel as though this is their thinking space, so for those people Red Purple might actually be more beneficial.

If you are in a position to choose which rooms will serve what purpose, plan the colour you want for each room and then which position of the house you will put it. If you have decided that a Deep Purple is the colour you must have for your bedroom, you might want to save a larger room for this as dark colours can make rooms look smaller – you can also consider which rooms will have the most light. If you have already assigned rooms and have a smaller bedroom, you can alternatively choose one wall to paint and accent with this colour, which can actually elongate your room. You don’t even have to pick up a paintbrush, if you have a white room already and you don’t want to paint just accent your room with purple soft furnishings, pictures and furniture.

Next Issue: Greens in the Home.

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