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Customer Review: Classic Travertine Stone

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Customer Review: Gareth in Newport South Wales Having just loving converted a Barn over the last 2 years, which was to be our forever family home, we were looking for high end finishes but had to still be mindful of a very stretched budget. Build costs had gone way over of that planned, due to […]

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About Tumbled Travertine

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Travertine is a natural stone with a porosity that has been created by carbonate materials in surface and ground waters and hot springs. Tumbled Travertine has all the beauty of natural Travertine but with that added extra weather beaten quality that gives it its character. Tumbled Travertine goes through a rigorous process with Travertine being […]

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Care of Travertine Flooring

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Travertine is a warm and beautiful stone with unique colour and pattern characteristics which will compliment any home. Although travertine is a stone, it is, in its way delicate, being sensitive to acidic substances which may dull the polish easily. The care of travertine is important in keeping this wonderful enhancement to your home in […]


About Travertine Tiles

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Travertine is formed by subterranean springs, underground rivers and other water sources which carry mineral elements that build up over long periods of time. When water with a high content of carbon dioxide seeps through limestone, the limestone will eventually dissolve leading to the release of a gas.  This process will result in re-crystallisation and […]