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Finish Options on Engineered Wood Flooring

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Once you have decided to install a quality engineered wood flooring, you not only need to look at the choice of your design but also how you want your floor finished.  (See Our Ultimate Guide To Engineered Oak Flooring)

There are a number of options when looking for finishes to your engineered wood flooring. Deciding on the best one to meet your needs depends on your lifestyle, which type of room your floor will be installed and your colour and design choice.

Unfinished Engineered Wood Flooring

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing an unfinished engineered wood flooring. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to custom finish your floor. If you want your floor to reflect a look and feel unique to your style an unfinished engineered wood floor would be your ideal option, giving you the choice of finishes and colour to enhance your design choice and make it exclusive to you.

Another advantage of an unfinished engineered floor is you are able to finish the floor once other work has been completed allowing painting and decorating of your room to be completed before sanding and finishing your floor ensuring any mishaps or spills can be easily rectified. Please note that our engineered boards are supplied ‘ sanded ‘ and ready to be finished.

When looking at the disadvantages you must consider the extra time involved in finishing the floor and that the floor is vulnerable to damage and staining until it has been finished.

Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

Oiled engineered wood flooring brings several benefits. Oil penetrates the wood’s pores which strengthens the layers in an engineered wood floor. An oiled engineered floor is often believed to look more natural than a lacquered floor enhancing the texture of the wood. Oiled engineered flooring is popular with people looking to keep a natural look to their floor but also wishing to protect the wood while allowing the wood to breathe. With finishes of matt or satin and coloured oils available there are a number of options available.

Periodical cleaning and re-oiling using recommended products will enhance and prolong the beauty and enjoyment of your oiled wooden floor, keeping it fresh and vibrant. Re-applying the oil will also remove any scratches and scuff marks bringing the floor back to its perfect original finish. There is also the advantage of attending to small scuffed areas without having to pay attention to the whole floor.

Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring

The choice of a lacquered engineered wood flooring is often the option of many busy. A modern lacquered floor is extremely tough and hard wearing. Most lacquered engineered floors are finished with at least 4 layers of lacquer ensuring a finish which is ideal for the busy family home. Lacquered engineered flooring is available in a variety of styles with a glossy or matt finish to choose from. With UV lacquers which give a natural beautiful look you will have a floor which is low maintenance with only a quick sweep and a wipe with a wood floor cleaner to keep it looking perfect.

A lacquered engineered wood floor can be sanded back and re-finished if needed to bring your floor back to its pristine condition but due to the hard wearing quality of this flooring it rarely needs to be done and should be a job undertaken by a professional to ensure a perfect finish.

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