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Engineered wood flooring endows the same character, charm and beauty as solid oak flooring but without the risks of shrinkage and unwanted movement. Engineered flooring is specifically manufactured to prevent warping being constructed from a cross layer of a different type of wood (birch or plywood) which stabilises the floorboard and prevents it from reacting to heat and humidity changes. Engineered Oak Flooring has a top layer of sawn solid oak bonded to the flooring therefore ensuring a quality product which looks identical to solid oak, is much more cost effective and does not have the disadvantages and maintenance of a solid oak floor.

Engineered oak flooring is the perfect partner for underfloor heating, coping well with the dry environment of underfloor heating, with the cross layering of different woods keeping the floorboards stable and level.

Fitting engineered oak flooring is a much more simple procedure compared with a solid oak floor which will need professional expertise. Engineered oak flooring has several advantages, one of the biggest being easy installation. Using the floating floor method easy click installation is often used being the fastest and easiest option. Alternatively the tongue and groove boards can be stuck together which is an advantage when installing on a concrete subfloor.

An engineered oak floor can be fitted the moment it arrives and does not need the acclimatisation of a solid oak floor which needs a period of at least a week in the room before being laid. Engineered oak flooring is a good choice for working to a tight timescale and a good cost effective option to a solid oak floor.

Engineered Oak flooring comes in a choice of finishes from raw, allowing finishing on site, to oiled or finished with a hard wearing lacquer enabling you to chose which finish fits with your lifestyle and choice of design finish.

Once laid, engineered oak flooring will look exactly the same as a traditional solid wood floor giving no clue to the underlying structure and can be laid as floating floors or as fully glued floors. Engineered Oak flooring comes in a range of lengths, allowing you to create a floor design of your choice which will enhance your home and give an exclusive look all your own.

With today’s busy lifestyles and the constant traffic of family life, an engineered oak floor is the perfect choice when seeking the good looks associated with the traditional feel and splendour of an oak floor without the cost and high maintenance which accompanies it. An engineered oak floor will cope with the challenges of everyday living and introduce a warmth and beauty to your home which will give an expensive look at a cost effective price.

When looking for an oak floor, engineered oak flooring is often looked at as not being the real thing. A high quality engineered oak floor has the same qualities as a solid oak floor and in many ways is even better when introducing into today’s home with central heating and the constant wear and tear of a busy lifestyle. A solid oak floor will be a thing of beauty but the expense and tendency to buckle in climatic conditions often make it an impractical choice whereas engineered oak flooring will bring all the qualities of a solid oak floor but at a competitive cost and without the worries of movement and maintenance. So if you are looking to enhance your home with a floor you will love and cherish for many years look no further, and start planning your floor today.

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