Types of Limestone Flooring

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Limestone is a wonderful material for flooring. Limestone flooring is available in a wide array of colours and finishes. Limestone flooring can range from very pure white to blues and blacks. As a general rule the paler and cleaner the limestone tile the more porous it tends to be. Many people have the preconception that Limestone flooring can be difficult to maintain due to its porosity but this is simply not true. All natural stone is porous but with the correct sealing (Lithofin Stain Stop) and maintenance it will become durable and hard wearing.

Now the scientific part about Limestone Flooring

Limestone is a Sedimentary rock composed of mineral calcite, formed by layers of skeletons and shells of dead marine organisms or creatures that lived in huge, warm seas and lakes millions of years ago. Inorganic precipitation of secondary calcite can add to the composition of limestone, similar to the formation of stalagmites and stalactites.

Colours range from grey to buff, light beige to dark brown, reds, greens, greys, blue/blacks, ochre/yellow to pink/orange pastel shades. Iron oxide impurities in limestone cause brown and yellow shading and organic matter gives dark-grey to black colours. A pure limestone tile is almost white.

Depending on its formation, limestone can be crystalline, granular, clastic, or very dense. Textures range from coarse to very fine grained. Limestone containing dolomite is generally harder and can be highly polished. Crystals of dolomite, quartz, calcite or barite as well as clay, silt, chert and flints are found in limestone.

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