Oak Engineered Flooring Ancillary Products

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When installing oak engineered flooring, a good foundation and the right wood products and accessories help to produce the perfect product. Listed below are a group of wood flooring products to help you create the best results.

Top Oak Engineered Flooring Ancillary Products

Oak Radiator Pipe Collars

We all know how unfinished a radiator pipe looks on a wooden floor. Oak Radiator Pipe Collars are the additional wood flooring product to give your floor the finished look. Wood collars made from end-grain oak will sit around radiator pipes hiding that ugly expansion gap. Easily slotted together around the pipe and secured with a PVA wood glue, they are sold individually so there is no waste. This perfect wood flooring product will add the finishing touch to your floor.

Felt Pads

Once your much loved wooden floor is installed, you will want to keep it that way, so don’t risk indentation marks and the scuffs furniture can often cause. Felt Pads are sold in a selection pack of different shapes and sizes, are self adhesive and when placed under furniture and chair legs, are the perfect wood flooring product to ensure you floor stays as good as new.

Marldon MXA200 Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive 17kg

Flexible wood flooring adhesive, suitable for installation of any wooden floor to almost any prepared subfloor. Must be applied using an adhesive trowel. Covers approximately 1.2 square metre per 1kg. Compatible with underfloor heating.

Marldon Notch Trowel

When applying Marldon MXA200 flexible wood adhesive to your prepared subfloor, you can achieve the best results and get the job done efficiently with the right trowel. This Marldon trowel with 3mm deep notches is the perfect tool for the job.

PVA D3 Wood Glue

Floating floors need a good wood flooring product to ensure planks are joined together correctly and this wood glue is the right choice when gluing tongue and groove planking. 1 litre of glue will do approximately 15 square metres of 180mm wide planks. The squeezable bottles ensure precise and easy application.

Sika 3mm Slatted Underlay

A 3mm thick slotted acoustic mat for use with the Marldon 600CC sausages. This system achieves high levels of sound transmission reduction while securely bonding the wooden floor to the substrate. Covers 25 square metre’s per roll.

Marldon 600CC Adhesive Sausage

Foil-wrapped sausage-shaped packets of Marldon MXA200 polymer flexible wood adhesive that fit into the Marldon Applicator Gun. Covers approximately 1.3 square metre per sausage.

Marldon Adhesive Cartridge Gun

An applicator gun to be used in conjunction with the Marldon 600CC Adhesive Sausage when applying adhesives into slots in the Sika slatted mat. Nozzles must be cut to size.

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner Spray

Osmo liquid wax cleaner is the wood flooring product to use to maintain and clean your wooden floor. This liquid cleaner is perfect for maintaining oiled and waxed timber floors. Sold in handy 1 litre spray cans which will cover approx 100m2, this liquid is water repellent and practically odourless and will restore and polish your floor to perfection.

Osmo Wash and Care

Will clean and care for your floor and is gentle on the hands and the environment. A great product to remove everyday marks, without damaging the surface of your floor. For use on finished, lacquered and laminate floors as well as tiles and PVC. Sold in handy 1 Litre sizes.

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

To clean and maintain your oiled, waxed and timber floors this liquid wax cleaner is the perfect wood flooring product to do the job. Sold in 1litre containers it will clean and revive your floor without building up a film layer. A good product for removing tough stains.

Osmo Polyx Oil

A clear, fast drying satin matt floor finish, for use on all wooden floors and unglazed tiles. Hard wearing and water repellent and will not crack or peel. Based on natural oil and waxes, this product will enhance your wooden floor and the benefits will increase with use. Easy to apply, with only two thin coats needed to achieve the perfect finish.

Osmo Floor Brush

The perfect wood flooring product for use with Osmo Polyx Oil and Wood Wax Finishes. Pure bristle 230mm brush for easy application.

Tuplex underlay for floating floors

A 3mm thick floating floor underlay which will eliminate slight variations in the subfloor, and provides a firm support to the flooring to eliminate movement. Granular beaded construction allows efficient ventilation and provides an effective moisture and sound barrier. Sold in 33sqm roles.






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