DIY tricks to bring your garden to life!

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Bring your garden to life this summer

With summer upon us, it’s about time to get outside and re-vamp your home and garden. This week we are looking at little tricks which can bring your garden to life this Summer.

The Palette Garden Bench

A cool way to make your garden stand out is to use wooden pallets and cushions to create a chic bench area or sofa to chill on. Customise it and make it your own by throwing some glow sticks between the wooden palettes or even paint the palettes.


limestone flooring in your garden


Lighting for your garden always makes your garden stand out from the rest. An easy way to create lanterns is to use material you already own. For a kitsch look, use tin cans and a nail to simple create a cool lantern for your candles.

A cheap trick which will transform your garden!

Stone and wood Shop limestone flooring outdoors

DIY tips


An Ecological Puff


Create a sturdy ecological puff with just a few staple materials. Looks great in your garden and is environmentally friendly!

Grab yourself an old tyre, a sheet of wood, thick string and get yourself a long lasting seat for your garden.




Farley limestone flooring


Fairy lights


Now although fairy lights are cheap, do not be fooled!

As you can see, with the right execution, fairy lights can look great in your garden.

Grab some string, balloons, glue and fairy lights, and you can make this wonderful spheres of lights to hang from your garden trees.

The Farley limestone flooring range

Still want to add that extra touch to your garden? Check out our Farley limestone flooring range  on our site to give your garden a whole new look this Summer. 


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