The Power of Colour- Issue Four: Daring to Use Red

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I have always been afraid of using the colour Red. All it brings to mind for me is the thought of tomatoes or Valentine’s Day, neither of which I’m Interior design red and white kitchenparticularly fond. It is such a strong colour that you really have to be sure about how you are going to use it because, trust me, it’s not fading into the background.

However, as it turns out, there are a lot of pretty nifty ways to use this bold colour. For starters, it is known for increasing ones appetite and therefore is very useful for restaurants. I know most of you aren’t likely to use it for this purpose but I thought that was pretty fun and also, of course, some might be inclined to use this fact for kitchen decorating.

Red and Black bedroomThe brighter end of the spectrum increases heart rate and the more Red you use the more passion it can inspire. This comes with a warning; the over use of Red, in some cases, can cause irritability, agitation and anger especially in places where you might want to relax. So, perhaps it is best to reduce its use in bedrooms or any other room you would like to wind down in. With this in mind, for rooms like the living room, deeper reds will give a more cosy and warm feel.

If you want to be energised and motivated to take action, Red is definitely the one for you and more so if you like to make a statement. I personally love combining Darker Greys with Deep Reds – The Farley Grey Antiqued Limestone, for example, would work well with some black detailing. For those of you that like brighter rooms, Bright Red and White are a popular combination!

Fun Fact! Red is the first colour that babies can distinguish. Recent studies have shown that infants as young as two weeks old can see Red. But Why? Red has the longest wavelength and is therefore the easiest colour for our eyes to process, especially while they are still developing. I do love a little bit of science.


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