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Marble Stone by Antoni

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Only until working for Stone and Wood Shop have I really appreciated marble stone. The texture, different colour variations and most of all the look it gives to a room.

Whether it is a polished, honed or tumbled finish, the natural beauty of marble tiles will not let you down.

Silver Shadow Honed Marble

Silver Shadow Honed Marble

What seizes to amaze me still to this day is how we can access such a beautiful earth stone and bring out the very best of it. Utilising this stone, along with the

Ancient Greeks shows how marble has been a favourite for centuries (and being Greek myself, it is a personal favourite!).

The characteristic veins and textures within a marble tile catches my eye the most. A great example of this is our Bianco Carrera Polished Marble which consists of a polished chrystallised finish. With a cloudy, mesmerising grey and white vein throughout and a square edged finish, it can be used in almost any space.

Bianco Carrera Polished Marble

Bianco Carrera Polished Marble

As marbles go, it’s certainly the pick of the gods!  

– Antoni

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