Oak Engineered Flooring

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Oak engineered flooring, common throughout Europe, has been a staple building material for centuries. English Oak was renowned for its durability, strength and warmth of colour and was used by craftsman to make fine furniture as well as architecturally within civic and domestic buildings.

Oak flooring is equally familiar and while it lost popularity post war with the promotion of carpets and synthetic floor coverings Oak  has re-established itself as a popular choice for the 21st century home owner as home decor and interior design has favoured a cleaner less cluttered look and minimalist approach.

Oak engineered flooring is a recent innovation as an alternative to solid oak flooring. It’s stable structure means it can be installed over any sub-floor by gluing the planks together and setting them on a suitable underlay.

The increased use of underfloor heating has seen a rise in the popularity of engineered wood floors which only a few years ago were almost entirely of the budget ‘ 3 strip ‘ variety. These days Wide Planks are available from 180 mm up to 300mm with a 6 mm sawn Oak layer on the face. See our oak engineered flooring.

There is also a choice in terms of  colour, finish and tone to compliment your desired interior design. Oak Engineered flooring can be supplied in a ‘pre oiled’ finish, requiring no additional treatment or left natural for finishing on-site. The choice of colour stains available is as wide as the spectrum from virtually a black to a very pale ‘straw’  with shades in between.

Most oak engineered flooring boards have a light bevel down the long edges that accentuate the plank – there is a technical benefit as well as the presence of the bevel tends to hide the slight but natural expansion and contraction of the boards which occurs between the summer and winter months in a centrally heated house.

Joining oak engineered flooring during installation is relatively simple as the products come with either machined tongues and grooves or a click system. There are however a number of basic technical points to be understood. There is detailed information on this site for installing Engineered Flooring on all types of sub-floor including over Underfloor Heating. See our installations help page.

If you’re looking for a quality wood floor then please contact us as we have years of experience in sourcing, supplying and laying floors.

We never compromise quality for a cheap price it’s simple not worth saving a few pound to walk on a great floor.

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