Maintaining Engineered Oak Flooring

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If you are lucky enough to own an engineered oak flooring you will now appreciate how truly beautiful and elegant a floor can be. You will know how it enhances your home with a warm, welcoming feel and you will want your engineered oak flooring to stay looking good for as long as possible.

Maintaining engineered oak flooring

Maintaining an engineered oak flooring is pretty straightforward. For normal domestic maintenance, sweep the surface of your engineered oak flooring daily to keep it clean from grit and dust. If the floor is very dirty, it can be wiped or mopped with clean water, these should be damp, not wet or use a reputable ph-neutral Oak Flooring wash and care product. Once washed, the floor should be dried with a dry cloth to avoid penetration of water into the joints. Tough stains can be removed with a Liquid Wax Cleaner and then polished. Treating your engineered oak flooring every few months to a liquid wax clean and polish will keep your floor maintained and looking its very best.

Scratches are the usual scars from daily wear and tear. Avoid scratches to your engineered oak flooring by fitting felt pads under chair and table legs which can cause dragging and scratching when moved. Avoid using wheeled swivel chairs on your engineered oak flooring as this will damage the surface of the flooring and produce indentation lines when the chair is moved across the floor.

When maintaining your engineered oak flooring, do not use harsh cleaning products like detergent, bleach or liquid soap which can harm the surface of your engineered oak flooring. Use only water-based cleaners or reputable specialised cleaning products to maintain your engineered oak flooring. Recommended cleaning and waxing products can often be obtained from any good Oak Flooring supplier.

Over time, maintaining your engineered oak flooring can require more than regular maintenance, especially if it has become marked or damaged and you may decide refurbishing is required. It is always advisable to employ a professional to carry out this work. They will sand the surface of your engineered oak flooring and vacuum any dust from the surface. Varnish or your chosen finish will then be applied to the surface of your floor. There are different finishes and colours that can be achieved and it is always advisable that you discuss how you want your floor to look after resurfacing to ensure the optimum satisfaction. Once resurfaced, your engineered oak flooring will look as good as new and can be maintained with minimum effort.

Taking proper care and maintenance of your engineered oak flooring will pay in dividends. A carefully maintained engineered oak flooring can last for many generations and remain a cost effective long-term flooring solution that will be loved for many years.

Your engineered oak flooring is one of the greatest investments you can make for your home, it will add beauty and value and remain stylish and enhance your decor in only a way real wood can. With careful and proper maintenance, your engineered oak flooring will look and stay the best it can for years to come. Love your engineered oak flooring and it will love you back ten-fold.

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