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Travertine is a natural stone with a porosity that has been created by carbonate materials in surface and ground waters and hot springs. Tumbled Travertine has all the beauty of natural Travertine but with that added extra weather beaten quality that gives it its character. Tumbled Travertine goes through a rigorous process with Travertine being placed in a tank where water and abrasives are added. This is then vibrated to produce a chipped weather look to the surface of the Travertine, creating that tumbled look. Tumbled Travertine is left unpolished and unfilled producing a Jurassic weathered look that adds the character, charm and rustic qualities that is loved by interior designers. Tumbled Travertine will become more appealing with age as wear will enhance its aged beauty and increase its individual charm.

Tumbled Travertine is widely used both inside and outside the home but due to its unfilled holes can be more vulnerable to breakage. To increase Tumbled Travertine’s durability, the holes and cavities in the stone can be filled with grout during installation. By filling Tumbled Travertine, the tiles will become stronger and also prevent debris building up within the stone.

Widely used in outside areas, especially around swimming pools, balcony areas and pathways, Tumbled Travertine is perfect for avoiding water pooling and stagnation as water will drain through its natural cavities creating a safe, water and slip free area as well as a truly stunning feature. Travertine has the added quality and the ability to reject heat from the sun and trapping coolness. Tumbled Travertine acts as a great insulator and is the perfect choice for outside areas. Tumbled Travertine creates both comfortable and easy to walk or lie areas being both durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Bringing with it all the colours imparted by nature itself, Tumbled Travertine comes in a range of colour options to suit all tastes and decoration options. From soft, gentle colours of beige through to the dramatic dark browns, Tumbled Travertine can transform any room and give a charm and old world feel that sits alongside decor that is both traditional and ultra modern contemporary with the rustic complimenting the modern in a way that enhances the qualities of both.

Tumbled Travertine comes in a range of size options, leaving you to create your own individual pattern. Whether you want the classic look by using uniform one size tiles to the random created by using a mix of different sized tiles to produce a antique look full of history and charm, the choice is there for you to create your own individual magic.

Have you ever considered mosaic tiles? Tumbled Travertine mosaic tiles are the ideal way of creating a wall or floor that has both character as well as designer flair. Tumbled Travertine mosaic tiles are mesh backed to enable easy installation to create a look of ancient Greece with a decadence and sophistication that has been admired for centuries.

So, if you prefer a traditional, ancient finish, you cannot find a better choice than Tumbled Travertine. Lasting a lifetime, never dating and only looking better with age, Tumbled Travertine is inspired by nature to be created by you.

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