Dare to colour! – AW 2016 Pantone Colour Trend

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Autumn/Winter Pantone Trends

This season’s colours are quite different from what we saw in the last one with a lot of pastel colours. Light pink and light blue were the colours every interior designer got their hands on. There are three words which come to our minds when looking at this year’s Autumn / Winter Pantone colour trends: strength, confidence and complexity! This new trend is led by the blue family. Along with anchoring earth tones and lively pops of vibrant colours appearing throughout the collection.

If you’d like to give your home a splash of colour to overcome the grey days, the new colours will be your best friend this fall. Bodacious, spicy mustard, potters clay, aurora red, sharkskin, riverside, lush meadow, warm taupe, airy blue and dusty cedar – a mix of warm tones. Each colour has its own kind of vibe, transforming those plain, boring, white walls into a cosy Autumn home.

The Scandinavian style is still very popular and became a real classic in interior decoration.Though if we’re being honest, it’s too cool for the long Winter days, where you just need a bit of cosiness and warmth when you get home from work. When you’re spending most of your days at home anyway, there’s no better feeling than having a home you’re happy with.

How to implement the colours in your home?

The ten colours are each quite special in their own way. Therefore, we advise you to mix them with neutral colours, such as white or black. For the lovers of very colourful decoration, spicy mustard will be the perfect match to bodacious or potters clay. If you like it a little more subtle, you can combine warm taupe and dusty cedar as both are quite neutral tones. Sharkskin is a light grey tone, which would work well with more vibrant colours like riverside, airy blue or even aurora red.

Enough talking, we’ve collected some inspirational pictures for each one of the ten Autumn / Winter Pantone colours to give you an idea of how they would look and how to implement them for your home.

Pantone Bodacious


Pantone Potter's Clay

Potter’s Clay

Pantone Spicy Mustard

Spicy Mustard

Pantone Lush Meadow

Lush Meadow

Pantone Dusty Cedar

Dusty Cedar

Pantone Warm Taupe

Warm Taupe

Pantone Aurora Red

Aurora Red

Pantone Riverside


Pantone Airy Blue

Airy Blue

Pantone Sharkskin


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