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Engineered Oak Flooring


Engineered Oak Flooring

people are confused with the phrase Engineered Oak Flooring and
wonder what the difference between Solid Oak Flooring and Engineered
Oak Flooring is. Engineered Oak Flooring is constructed from a
surface layer of sawn through European Oak which is then bonded onto
high quality Birch plywood. This bonding process gives the flooring
an outstanding stability and resistance to movement. Solid Oak
Flooring is prone to movement when subjected to temperature change
and will need at least a week left in a room to acclimatise before
being laid. Engineered Oak Flooring can be installed on the day of
delivery, saving time and storage problems.

Oak Flooring looks exactly like solid oak flooring but is much more
user-friendly. Being bevelled on all sides, Engineered Oak Flooring
is easy to install and will not expand, shrink or warp when subjected
to central heating and fluctuations in temperature and humidity. For
this purpose, Engineered Oak Flooring works perfectly with
under-floor heating and embraces all the conveniences of modern day
living with the natural beauty of oak.

of its construction, Engineered Oak Flooring is tough and extremely
hard wearing. But if the wear and tear of a busy household takes its
toll, and your Engineered Oak Floor starts to look a little rough
around the edges, Engineered Oak Flooring can be sanded down and
brought back to its original splendour a number of times,
transforming it back to look as good as new. The added advantage of
being able to sand your Engineered Oak Flooring means that if you
want to change your colour scheme, your Engineered Oak Floor can be
adapted by sanding and staining to a lighter or darker colour option.

you are looking for an environmentally-friendly flooring solution,
Engineered Oak Flooring is the perfect choice. Constructed from fast
growing sustainable softwoods, Engineered Oak Flooring will not
deplete our solid oak trees that are hundreds of years old.

Oak Flooring has a finish to suit all tastes. From the
raw/unfinished range, leaving you free to finish your Engineered Oak
Flooring to your own individual style, to the warm, rich natural
oiled or the hard wearing lacquered which is pre-finished with 8
coats of hard wearing lacquer. Whatever your choice, there is an
Engineered Oak Flooring solution to suit all rooms and styles.

is nothing more opulent than a beautiful oak floor, and Engineered
Oak Flooring brings you the charm and quality of a solid oak floor
with the advantages of a modern flooring solution that copes with the
everyday rigours of the busy household, will look even more gorgeous
in time and will be the envy of many and a great investment that will
be loved for years and years.

Oak Flooring brings a warmth and quality that enhances any decoration
and furnishing. Engineered Oak Flooring will compliment the highly
modern as well as the more traditional. So whatever your choice of
decor, Engineered Oak Flooring will bring out the very best your home
has to offer.


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