Polished Travertine

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Polished Travertine

Polished Travertine tiling is a beautiful durable solution that will enhance any home. Polished Travertine is hard wearing, low maintenance and can last a lifetime which makes it an extremely worthwhile investment.

Travertine is a form of limestone that is created when minerals are deposited over long periods of time by water and hot springs. Through its formation, each stone is completely exclusive in colour and pattern, its variant being created by the minerals that are present when each stone is formed.

Polished Travertine is very similar to marble but being a softer material, Polished Travertine tiles are very easy to cut and shape and therefore making them the optimum choice for use in the home by both designers and builders alike. Polished Travertine is both classy and easy to work with and extremely versatile.

Coming in a wide range of colours from creams to butterscotch and browns, Polished Travertine easily compliments any existing furniture and features already in the home like cabinets and work surfaces.

Polished Travertine is the perfect choice for allergy sufferers, being extremely eco-friendly and non conductive to absorbing allergens or bacteria, whereas many other floor coverings, such as carpet, readily absorb. Being extremely low maintenance, Polished Travertine is easily cleaned with a broom, mop or using a dry cloth. Travertine is a porous stone, and can be stained by acidic and citrus substances or cleaners. To avoid staining, clean up spills immediately with a mild cleaner that is recommended for use on Travertine surfaces. Polished Travertine should be professionally sealed on installation to protect its surface. Once properly sealed, a Polished Travertine floor can last for many years and will often outlast many other types of flooring.

Creating a unique look with Polished Travertine is easy to achieve. By using your imagination, Polished Travertine can give you a feel of ancient Greece and will reflect the light into a room that will not only make the best use of the space but can make the room appear even larger.

Polished Travertine will give you many years of beauty to enjoy and has many benefits. Polished Travertine is the perfect heat conductor, being both cool in Summer and warm in Winter and is the ideal choice to use with under-floor heating. Imagine the chic sophistication of a classic cream Polished Travertine floor that not only looks cool and elegant but permeates a warmth under-foot on a cold Winter night, what a perfect combination.

If you are looking for a long-lasting flooring option, Polished Travertine will fit the bill. Travertine is a wonderful durable surface that won’t crack or chip and investing in a Travertine floor is a long lasting flooring solution that will also look totally stunning.

Travertine has been used for centuries in many of the most exquisite buildings in the world. Today, Polished Travertine is available to us all and has a variety of uses. Polished Travertine can also be used as mosaic tiles, bringing a completely new look to this beautiful stone. Polished Travertine is an affordable option to an expensive look.

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