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How to protect limestone tiles

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Protecting Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles are very hard wearing and durable but, due to limestones composition, it is a porous stone which can be prone to staining, especially from acid and harsh cleaning agents. Protecting your limestone tiles on installation ensures any damage will be kept to a minimum and your floor will stay looking its best with the least effort needed.

Protecting your limestone tiles begins with sealing which is done either before fixing or before grouting with a suitable stone impregnator. The sealer is applied with as many coats as the tiles can absorb. The limestone tile is evenly covered with the impregnator and once nearly dry, the tile should be wiped clean with a terry cloth to ensure an even texture across the tile. By applying as many coats as will be absorbed, you will ensure the tile has a good foundation and protection as well as enhancing the beauty and unique colour of the tile. It is important the impregnator is applied in one direction to eliminate streaks and care with application should be taken to get the best results.

Professional installation and protection of your limestone tiles is crucial in achieving a floor that will meet your expectations and employing an experienced stone tiler who will have the expertise to lay and seal your floor will be money well spent.

Due to its composition, limestone needs to breathe, so by protecting your limestone tiles with the right highly penetrating impregnator the surface stone retains its natural colour with the added bonus of protecting it from scratching and staining.

The main cause for polished stone floors becoming dull is the daily process of walking on them. With areas that are open to the general public and heavy traffic areas, continual foot traffic will eventually grind and pack in dust, sand and grit resulting in fine scratching which will, over time, dull the finish. Protecting limestone flooring in these cases can be taken a step further by a form of restoration. This is achieved by gently grinding with diamond abrasive pads and water in a step process until the optimum results are achieved. Once the limestone has been honed the surface will have lost its shine. To restore the natural beauty of the stone, the floor will then be polished with a fine diamond abrasive to achieve the desired finish. There are professional Limestone Cleaning Companies that specialise in this process and it is well worth using their expertise to preserve and restore the beauty of your limestone floor. A professional specialised stone restoration company will also offer an added service such as stain removal, tile replacement and repairs.

In the general household environment, protecting your limestone flooring is a low maintenance process and will only need routine care such as regular vacuum and sweeping to remove any dirt and grit that may scratch the floor plus washing with a recommended pH neutral cleaning solution which will remove surface dirt and stains. It is recommended that to properly protect your limestone, your floor should be resealed at a 5 – 7 year cycle, depending on use.

Limestone flooring is a thing of beauty which has grown in popularity due to its natural hardwearing qualities and uniqueness and by giving your floor a little time and love you will be rewarded for many years with a floor that will be loved and envied by many.


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