benefits of stone flooring

Advantages and benefits of Stone flooring

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Cleaning stone floor tiles and stone wall tiles natural stone is very easy to care for with the correct products. A well installed floor in a normal domestic environment should need no more than a regular clean with a good quality Stone soap, our Lithofin Easy Care is the perfect product for this. The floor should be swept or vacuumed prior to mopping to remove any loose dirt or debris. Then simply mop over with a diluted care product. These soaps are designed to be left on the floor as they clean and also recondition the floor. Think of it like applying moisturiser to your hands. Once all of the soap on your mop has been used simply rinse the mop in clean water, pop back into the diluted care product and continue like this until your entire floor is cleaned.

This simple cleaning routine should keep your stone floor tiles and stone wall tiles pristine and in excellent condition. If you do notice your floor beginning to look worn or more difficult to clean then the stone may require a re seal. Again this is a simple procedure and our Lithofin Power Clean and Lithofin Stain Stop are specially designed for this purpose. Please see our Guides section for detailed instructions on this.

Durability of stone flooring and wall tiles

Stone by nature is an incredibly durable material. People often have the false opinion that it can be difficult to care for and this could not be further from the truth. We simply need to look at how long stone has been widely in use to see that it is unrivalled in durability. You should ask yourself how easy would it be to mop the carpet when it gets dirty. The beauty of stone tiles is that they are hard wearing, water resistant and easy to care for. A good quality stone tile, installed correctly should last a lifetime, the perfect choice for any domestic or commercial situation.

Aesthetics of stone floor tiles and stone wall tiles

There is no substitute for the beauty and complexity of natural stone tiles which ceramic tiles and porcelain tile imitations cannot capture. The feel and appearance of natural stone tiles are luxurious and elegant. No two stone floors will ever look exactly the same, each piece of stone is truly unique and will add class to any decor.

Stone tiles are found in every colour, shape, size and finish you could ever possibly want. There will always be a stone out there which is perfect for the job.

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