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An Insight On Tiny Homes

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An Insight On Tiny Homes

Ever felt like you want to fall off the grid and escape? No rent, no bills and living mortgage free? Well you’ll be surprised. So many people feel the same way. Which is why a lot of people have now resorted to having tiny homes. So the question is what is a tiny home?

A tiny home is a home that you attach to your vehicle. So, unlike a caravan it’s about maximizing your tiny space and having multiple functions for different things. It’s about upcycling and repurposing. For example, stairs can be made out of wooden boxes that can also be served as storage for clothing etc.

tiny home 2

Tiny homes are what YOU make it. Often times tiny homes are made from beautiful glossy wood panels even on the inside with intricate weatherproof details that make you question “how come I never thought of doing this?”

Tiny homes have great value and make a lot of sense in capitalist countries. However, some of the cons to a tiny house may be a bit off putting to you. So, because everything is multi-purpose and with the space being so small, it means that everything must have its place.  It also means that your spaces must be clean in order to function properly. This can be tough though if you plan on living with someone in your tiny home.

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However, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. For one, you can go literally anywhere you want! You don’t have to pay any rent, you live a clutter free life and you get to wake up to a new setting of your choice everyday!

So go with your gut on this decision and remember if you do end up buying a tiny home, make sure you come to the stone and wood shop to get what you need!

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My Big Fat Greek Easter

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My Big Fat Greek Easter

As you already know from the below blog, Ali’s Easter was packed with relaxation and tranquillity. I think it is safe to say mine was the complete opposite. Coming from a Greek Orthodox background, we take Easter very seriously, it is probably an ever bigger event than Christmas! The tradition is that we do not eat meat for a whole week, that is until the Easter Sunday arrives. On the Easter Sunday, every year without fail, we have a BBQ… Greek style of course! With enough food to see us out for the week, you are spoilt for choice. From chicken to lamb to pork and then from roasted potatoes to rice, not to mention the extra trimmings! Of course it wouldn’t be a Greek BBQ without the traditional Greek salad.

FARLEY GREY-900x900prod

Having spent most of the day outside in the patio, I couldn’t stop thinking about how our Farley Antiqued Limestone range would be the perfect suit for a BBQ during the Spring and Summer season. These tiles are at a 20mm thickness, proven to be an extremely hardwearing floor with a beautiful antiqued, rustic look. These tiles are perfect for a patio and certainly would’ve been a perfect match for our BBQ!

Greek bbq

You can see our outdoor Limestone tiles on our website at http://www.stoneandwoodshop.co.uk/stone-tiles/limestone-tiles and if you have any enquiries please feel free to give us a call on 0208 204 1121 or email us at info@stoneandwoodshop.co.uk


Customer Review: Classic Travertine Stone

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Customer Review: Gareth in Newport South Wales

Having just loving converted a Barn over the last 2 years, which was to be our forever family home, we were looking for high end finishes but had to still be mindful of a very stretched budget. Build costs had gone way over of that planned, due to circumstances out of out control. That said, at the same time we weren’t willing to use cheap finishes. So with all this in mind, we went to local high end stone / slate showroom. We saw tiles we really liked but when we saw the prices we just could not afford / justify the costs.


So we set to, searching the net for best prices. We had the usual samples from various stores online, including Stone and Wood. However, when Stone and Wood samples arrived, pretty much next day, the quality was superb. The delivery and the samples were free and the best bit was the price! Cheapest out there. So I called the store to confirm a few details.

They were always very helpful and dealt with any questions promptly. They even threw in free delivery due to the quantity I was ordering. I started off with about 35m of the Classic Travertine. They supplied all the adhesive and grout at prices local tile stores couldn’t come to close to. I selected the day of delivery, a guy called me half hour before delivery, arrived with the tiles all neatly wrapped up in a crate, and delivered it to my door. I would usually expect some breakages during transit, but there were latterly about 5 tiles broken in 35m! brilliant. So I tile myself and I have to be fair, they were lovely to work with.

This was my kitchen before grouting.

This was my kitchen before grouting.

During grouting

During grouting

After grouting

After grouting

I was that impressed I also did the downstairs bathroom with them as-well. As a result of this excellent combination of quality and customer service I came back and ordered about 17m of a different Limestone looking amazing once down. Again brilliant service and after service. They really set the house off a treat and combined with the underfloor heating are so comfy in the winter under foot. The best bit is, they look better than the tiles we saw in local show rooms and we ended up saving about £3k when compared to local suppliers. I really cannot recommend these guys enough.

Gareth in Newport South Wales

Finished tiling



Easter Break To The Lakes

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Easter Break To The Lakes

Over the Easter bank holiday weekend I thought it would be a great idea to make the most of the Good Friday holiday. We drove up to the Lake District to relax for a few days with the other half in the stunning English countryside. We got to the lakes on Friday morning and what was supposed to be a four hour drive ended up being six and a half hours!

Not a great start as most of it was in traffic and stuck behind a very noisy football team. Needless to say entering the Lakes quickly relaxed us and made the journey worthwhile as the views were breath taking from the outset.

We had booked to stay in the very scenic Gilpin Hotel Lakehouse. Comprising of only six rooms and overlooking a picturesque lake, it was everything we needed to relax and get that “getaway from it all” feeling.

Lakes District Weekend Getaway

Day 1

Our first full day comprised of a two hour walk around the Windermere countryside. I thought this would be a walk in the park (excuse the terrible pun) but it certainly wasn’t, especially for a city boy like me. Hiking outside of London was much harder than I thought and it was my very first time in wellies. But once again it was very much worth it as the walk proved to be the highlight of the whole weekend.

For miles around in some areas there was nothing but green rolling fields and lakes that just appeared out of nowhere in some places. We stopped off for lunch later in the day where we were treated to some of the best pub food I had ever tasted. All of the pubs in the region served nothing but the finest quality food as everything was so fresh.

Lakes District Weekend Getaway

Day 2

The next day we drove to Bowness-on-Windermere where we walked around the waterfront and visited the local trinket shops that my wife would not leave without seeing. That evening we enjoyed yet another beautiful meal in our hotel then followed by a walk around the grounds and surrounding lake.

Not being a seasoned hiker myself, all the walking made sure I slept early and wake up in time for the clear and crisp early starts. Our last day consisted of a short breakfast and yet another two hour walk to a local pub for lunch. A perfect end to a perfect getaway.

Lakes District Weekend Getaway

In traditional Stone and Wood Shop fashion it wasn’t possible to leave the area without commenting on some of the stunning stone flooring I encountered over the weekend. From large format flagstones to small random sized wood flooring, you could really see where the latest trends for flooring are being inspired from. With character throughout every floor I came across, I’ve come back with a great sense of what we want to add and improve in our range.


Lakes District Weekend Getaway

Lakes District Weekend Getaway

Lakes District Weekend Getaway

Lakes District Weekend Getaway

Lakes District Weekend Getaway

Lakes District Weekend Getaway

Lakes District Weekend Getaway


A London Wood Yard Converted into a Light-Filled Family Home

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A London Wood Yard Converted into a Light-Filled Family Home

We came across an amazing home tour on Design Milk of a London Wood Yard. The house was converted into an amazing, light-filled family home taken on by De Rosee Sa Architects. You probably won’t recognise the transformation from a former storage shed into a contemporary family home anymore. According to Design Milk, the project was driven by a vertical height limit to stay under and housing restrictions. This inspired the architects to design a new basement level. The home consists of a living room, kitchen and an ensuite bathroom on the ground floor.

This is the perfect space to enable an indoor and outdoor living, especially with children, as they built three external courtyards between three spaces separated by steel and glass doors. It maximaizes natural light throughout the house and makes the design unique.

The washed wooden floor throughout the house combined with white interior makes it modern, whereas the Cedar pannels, hung vertically clad the courtyard walls and other walls throughout the house, warm up the white surfaces. The main bathroom is kept all in white with large tiles and a large ceiling window, as well as a glass door to make the most out of the daylight. The whole house is actually set up to to be light-flooded.

Scandinavian interior gives the house a clean finish, while the focus is kept on the amazing architecture. Minimal interior is probably best for this type of house as it has a lot of glass doors and it enables light to reach through the whole house.

If you have a similar project lined up, we’re happy to advise you on wood flooring and tiling. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 020 8204 1121 or email us to info@stoneandwoodshop.co.uk