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Travertine Tiles - Buying Guide

Travertine is generally beige or ivory in colour but many variations are available from Silver to coral red, Noce and the popular Classic varieties. As major importers we keep all the usual colours and sizes in stock for delivery within 3 days. All travertine tiles are suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms and like all natural stone, travertine can be used with underfloor heating. Travertine naturally has holes - these are often filled with resin at the factory - these are 'honed and filled'. If the holes are left open these are termed 'unfilled' and the holes should be filled with grout during installation. Very popular are the tumbled floor tiles - this tumbled finish is available for all of the colours - classic, ivory, noce and gold to name a few. The tumbled stones are usually unfilled.

This very pretty natural stone originates mostly from Turkey, these days these come in many colours and finishes and the product keeps getting cheaper as the market grows hence the continued popularity of this material.

Choosing Travertine Tiles

Colour – The lightest ones are usually referred to as ‘Ivory’ – they do have a slight yellowness to them as well as light beige tones. Classic travertine tiles tend to be more beige and tan whilst still retaining some cream shades. Noce or walnut is richer in colour and is in fact a stronger stone than the lighter colours. Walnut ones look fantastic with cream colour schemes or furniture and they also work well where there is plenty of natural light. The lighter versions are always popular and a ‘safe bet’ but get a sample of the darker colour as well. Travertine tiles are also available in rich golden tones and metallic silver and black shades – we call the latter product ‘smoke’.
Finish - You will often hear these tiles referred to as ‘honed and filled’ or ‘tumbled’. They have holes in them- this is a feature of the stone which is formed over vegetation, the holes remain as the organic matter rots away. These holes are often ‘ filled’ with a resin at the factory before the tiles are ‘ honed’ to give a smooth finish.

Tumbling - Tumbling is a process by which natural stone tiles are given a worn or aged appearance. The tiles are placed in a large tank with water and abrasives which then vibrates – this is the tumbling process. Note that tumbled travertine looks a little lighter in colour when compared to their ‘honed’ equivalent. The edges are also rounder and some of the corners will be missing.

Size – These come in sizes from 300 x 300mm up to 600 x 900mm in both honed and tumbled finishes.

Buying Travertine Tiles

The best prices are on the internet so this is the best place to buy and stone and wood shop keep large stocks of all the popular travertines at market beating prices. From a customer point of view – do make sure you understand the difference in appearance between for example classic light and ‘ivory’- stone and wood shop will happily send you three samples free of charge. Also our quality pictures should enable you to see the fine. When you know which tiles you would like you can order on our site or place an order over the phone. We will arrange delivery of you within three working days.
Always be sure to order enough tiles – the accepted standard is to add ten percent to the measured area.

Are you ready to buy travertine floor tiles now?  Should you have any questions then please call us on 0208 204 1121.

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