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This is a place for us to share with you the things that inspire us.  Stories about customer’s projects, places we have visited that have influenced our selection of tiles and ideas that we hope will appeal to you too.


Love Your Patio

Summer has well and truly arrived and with it that burning desire to fire up the barbeque.

But, if your anything like me, that patio has been much neglected over the winter and spring months and needs some TLC.

Here at Stone and Wood Shop we have a new few new additions to the external tile family.

Introducing Mercury and Carbonite!


Both tiles are matt porcelain with beautifully textured finishes that will give you the look of a natural stone but without all the maintenance involved.

Porcelain tiles don’t need sealing, are anti slip, mould resistant and waterproof making them an ideal choice for external areas.

Going for Gold

Gold is another big trend for 2018.  Its a bold look but can be tackled in many ways to suite style or budget.  Large format marble tiles work brilliantly with this look.  A Gold Carrera marble has beautiful veins of gold running through and can be used for the entire space for rooms like bathrooms or used sparingly as panels in other rooms.

It works superbly with the warm tones of a Limestone Like Jerusalem Gold, giving a desirable multi textured look that is also a big trend right now.

If gold tiles are just a bit too ostentatious or if you feel like going the whole hog then gold fixtures and fittings can be incorporated into the design.

Mix ‘n’ Match

The Industrial, Natural and Metallic themes are huge this year but you don’t need to limit yourself to just one texture.  Mix and match is another big theme for this year and these three finishes work beautifully together.  The wood has calming and softening effect on the slightly stark cement or hard metallic tones.

Our range of wood, cement and metal effect tiles are a brilliant economical and practical way of introducing these themes into the home.  Using metal or wood in areas like the bathroom isn’t always an option given the likelihood of water being splashed around.

Using porcelain tiles gives you that same stylish look but with all the practicalities of a waterproof, mould resistant and durable finish.

Inside/Out Porcelain Tiles

So, you’ve invested in those bi fold doors to ‘seamlessly bring the garden into your home’. But how do you go about choosing a flooring that will work for both areas?

The popular choice for patio areas may be a travertine tile but would this be suitable for a busy kitchen?

Opting for a porcelain tile may not be the most obvious decision but it is an incredibly sensible choice.  It is easy to clean and maintain, mould resistant, anti-slip and doesn’t requiring regular sealing.  The price is also a lot easier on the wallet too!

Our Cairo range is available in four shades and two thicknesses meaning you can opt for a chunkier depth tile for those outdoor areas in exactly the same shade as those for the kitchen.

Tile trends for 2018

Bigger Tiles!

The Metro tile has been the staple look of modern bathrooms for far too long...until now. 
One of the trends this year is making a bathroom low maintenance and easier to clean.
As a result lot of people are shying away from tiles because they don’t want to be cleaning grout. 
But don't be too quick to dismiss tiles. Instead opt for larger format tiles to reduce the amount of grout needed. And remember, grout comes in a whole range of colours now. Go for a darker shade to reduce the need for endless cleaning


Lamborghini Sakhir Tiles.

Its always great when we hear back from customers about their completed projects.

We were especially happy to hear back from a customer who had bought our new Lamborghini Sakhir tiles.  We were so excited when this range came in and absolutely loved the blue.  The range was inspired by the landscape of Bahrain and those blue tiles just made us want to kick off our shoes and dip a toe in the ocean.


How amazing do they look in this conservatory?

Weird and Wonderful Ideas for Storage

By Ali Sik | 

Weird and Wonderful Ideas for Storage

We tend to live our lives within rules or guidelines that make us just like everybody else. Well, in case you haven’t heard … rules are meant to be broken, and when it comes to your home, you should have the creative rights to jazz it up a bit.

Storage is such an important thing, especially if you are living in a small space, so here we have some creative ideas to keep your things!

Rain boots – Rain boots are great to give that quirky feel to the home; it gives the home almost a little sense of humour and some wit. We suggest planting a tall thin plant so it can grow out of the boot creating a whole different atmosphere to your space.

Television – Using an old television set to store your books is a great way to add a sense of character (especially with what kind of TV you own) and actually really great for storage, the older the television set the more of a vintage feel you give the room.

Mason jars – Mason jars can be a fun way to make your room come alive, most of the time people think of mason jars as clear, but you can make them come alive with a little paint, and store anything you like!

We hope that your eyes have now been opened to the possibility that storage can be fun and doesn’t have to be boring. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs to be more inspired about your home!



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