About Us

Here at Stone and Wood Shop we are passionate about our products. We have many years of experience in the natural stone tile and wooden flooring industries, enabling us to bring you a comprehensive range of materials. More importantly, our focus is on supplying good quality natural floor and wall tiles plus wooden flooring at sensible prices. Remember that once the sweet taste of the lowest price has long disappeared, the sour taste of poor quality remains.

We are constantly sourcing new additions to our range from around the World. We do not buy job lots, end of lines or second-grade merchandise. We have built longstanding relationships with our current suppliers to maintain continuity, consistency and most of all, quality. New products are carefully inspected and tested before we endorse them as suitable for sale. Our direct links with the quarries and sawmills guarantee that what you see is what you get.

Please take time to read carefully our Installation and technical section to ensure that your floors or walls finish up looking as beautiful as they should be.

Stone and Wood Shop - bringing quality into your home

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